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General Questions

What is Escort Introductions?

Escort Introductions, as our name suggests, is an "introductory service" with the goal of connecting you with escorts (who are ready and willing to meet with you) in your local area. We have listings from all the major cities right down to the smallest towns, and from every corner of the World.

Oh yeah, ..what exactly can this website do for me?

Glad you asked! We'd have a hard time explaining all the exciting features of this website in a short faq, but here are but a few things Escort Introductions can do for you.

- Connect you to local (VERIFIED) escorts in your area FAST!

- Give you the tools to conduct POWERFUL searches to find the "perfect" Escort!

- Provide you with research tools to learn more about your favorite escort(s)!

- Get alerts instantly for NEW escorts that match your requirements!

- Allow you to socialize with Escorts via IM, Kisses, Chat, and System Mail!

- Keep track of escorts for potential future bookings!

- Connect you with Sexy Escorts interested in Sugar Daddy or LTRs!

- Teach you how to contact an escort, and what rules to play by.

- Locate Incall / Outcall Escort Agencies and Massage Studios in your city!

- Put you FIRST in line to view fresh "new" girls to the business!

- Save you money with MEMBER ONLY discounts on escort fees!

Is there anything this site can't do?

Well, it's important to know that we are NOT an escort agency, and therefore are NOT directly affiliated with any of the providers or provider services referenced in our listings. This means that we cannot directly contact or negotiate with an escort for you. We do however provide phone numbers, e-mail addresses, website links, twitter links, and other contact info to our members to make setting up a meeting with an escort very easy!

How do I find Escorts in my area?

You can find escorts in your local area by entering the Zip/Postal Code of your city or town into the Quick Search box to the top left. Our system allows you to perform searches for both Canadian, American, Australian, and UK Zip and Postal Codes. Additionally, you can search for escorts regionally by clicking the "Search by Region" link in the Quick Search box. This will allow you to search by Province or State. We also have another type of search called "Easy Browse" where you can search by clicking through pre-selected search criteria such as gender, age range, and then country, state, city. Searching with "Easy Browse" will produce a page of thumbnail images of all escorts found in the region searched. Members, of course, have access to even more powerful searching tools where they can search escorts by physical attributes, work status (Independent or Agency), as well perform searches for local Incall/Outcall Escort Agencies or Massage Studios.

What is the Escort Introductions Hot List?

When the Escort Introductions "Hot List" feature is activated while performing a search, the system returns listings for ONLY those providers that have been "verified" to be still actively in business, and accepting appointments. The Hot List feature is unique to Escort Introductions and gives our users greater piece of mind knowing that providers showing up on the "Hot List" are still actively working and ready to meet with them. To learn what "verified" means, or more about how the Hot List works, you can read more here.

Why do escorts list their services with Escort Introductions?

We operate a extensive network of escort websites, and escorts have grown to know that the best place to list themselves is right here with Escort Introductions. We provide a great deal of business to participating escorts from our listings, and have a great reputation of helping and supporting escorts. That's why many of the escort listed here offer special discounts to the members of Escort Introductions. It's also why you'll find fresh new faces at Escort Introductions that are unseen anywhere else!

Why can't I view the contact information for the escorts?

In order to view any escort's contact information you must be a registered member. You can sign up here.

What is a Premium Listing?

When you conduct a search on Escort Introductions, your search may return a number of "Premium Listings" for your city or area. These listings are designated as "Premium Listings" because the provider has paid a small fee to have his/her contact information available to you (and all visitors) to see without having to be a paid members of Escort Introductions.

Why should I pay when I can find escort listings free on the web?

Along with all the features previously mentioned, membership to Escort Introductions will greatly improve your odds of finding your perfect escort match by giving you access to vastly more escort listings than anywhere else. There are no directories out there that can compare to the amount of listings you'll find here. Don't take our word for it, I encourage you to perform a search or two and see for yourself. We've built an extensive network that draws escorts here like crazy. Many escorts (that you'll discover inside) have yet to establish a web presence, and under normal circumstances you'd never be able to find such gems! We've also built a direct pipeline to many "first time girls" that are new to the escort industry. All of them listed exclusively at Escort Introductions first! Along with our quality listings, you'll be happy to know that this is a place that was designed from the ground up to provide a "community minded atmosphere" that's unseen anywhere else. Our community focus allows you to quickly engage and start communicating with escorts more freely, and get to know each other better. Our mission is to introduce you to the world's best escorts and adult entertainers, and we will! -Escort Introductions is certainly a website you want to be a part of!

How will charges appear on my credit card?

Your credit card will be securely billed by Verotel, with 'HI Media Ltd' or 'Verotel' appearing discreetly on your statement.

I lost my username and password, how can I retrieve it?

Click here to access our password retrieval system.

Help, I paid, but now I can't get in!

When logging in, please remember that your username and password are CaSe SeNsiTiVe! You also must type in the letters and numbers seen below the password box into the "Confirm Image" field correctly, or the system will not authenticate you. If you still have a problem with getting in, please just contact us, and we'll look into it.

I have a question, how can I contact support?

You can contact us any time by going here to our Contact page.

Member Features

How often is Escort Introductions updated?

New escorts list themselves on this website daily! We have a running "Who's New" list for our members that displays all the new escorts that have created a profile on Escort Introductions daily. As a member of Escort Introductions you will always have the best most accurate and up-to-date escort listings at your finger tips. Additionally, our profile listings are stamped with a "Profile Last Updated" date, so that you'll always know when the last update to a profile was.

Help! I made a mistake in a Escort Review I wrote, how do I make changes?

If you inadvertently make a mistake while writing a review, please contact us with your username, and the entertainer's name (in the review), and we will temporarily unlock the review. You will then have a chance to make changes or corrections. After you edit the review, the review will then relock.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking the "Billing" link found on the top navigation bar once you are logged in. This will take you to a page with billing resources.

Escorts / Agencies

Who can create a profile listing on Escort Introductions?

If you are an Escort, Exotic Dancer, Masseuse, Model, or Dom you are invited to list yourself on Escort Introductions. We also have "Agency Accounts" for Escort Agencies and Massage Studios to simplify adding many ladies under one account.

What is the benefit of having an agency account?

Having an agency account allow for the addition of multiple ladies under one account. Things like city, phone number, e-mail address, website URL are common to all accounts, so you don't have to keep filling them out repeatedly. Also, if there are changes to agency information, changes are reflected across all profiles listed under the agency account. In addition to profile simplification, having an agency account also allows agencies to have a photo listing in our "Agency" database (searchable by city) that our members can search!

As an Escort / Agency, how can I join Escort Introductions?

You can signup to Escort Introductions by clicking on the "Add Profile" link on the main menu bar. At the bottom of the Entertainers page is a link "Add Your Profile for FREE Now!" Escort Agencies should make sure to select "agency" for account type when signing up.

Are entertainer listings free?

Yes, listings are 100% FREE for all adult entertainers.

Do you offer any paid advertising packages for escorts?

Yes, we do! We have advertising packages for both escort agencies, and individual escorts. You can find more information, details, and pricing once you are registered by following the "MY ADVERTISING" link in the Main Menu.

Ok, I added my profile. How long does it take to become active on the system?

All profiles are hand verified by our staff and then added to the system daily. In order not to have any hold ups in the approval of your profile, please be sure to follow all of our listing rules closely. If upon review of your profile we find that your profile is not satisfactory an e-mail will be sent to you informing you of any needed changes or adjustments.

How can I maximize my exposure on Escort Introductions?

There are several things you can do. Firstly, after you've setup your profile, be sure to get yourself listed on the E.I. Hot List, it only takes seconds. Being on the Hot List will dramatically increase your exposure by allowing your profile to display during all "Hot List" enabled searches on the system. Here are some other ways to maximize your exposure:

- Use high quality photos and keep your photos current and updated.

- Fill out the interview to allow members to get to know you and your services better.

- Update your profile often, updated profiles move to the top of the listings.

- Upload videos, or sound files to complement your profile.

- Start conversations or flirt with local members from your city via IM. ;)

- Offer a small discount on your rates to our members.

- Post a message in our forums area and introduce yourself.

* If you are looking to dramatically increase your client bookings and go beyond free advertising, look into our powerful paid advertising features available via subscription. With our paid features you'll be seen by a much larger target audience, gain more clients, and increase your bookings. More exciting details inside! Look under MY PAID FEATURES.

How many photos can I upload with my profile?

You can upload as many photos, videos, and or sound files as you wish.

When my profile has been created, can I turn it off?

Yes, you can suspend your profile at any time by going to MY PROFILE and clicking the link "Suspend your profile." Likewise you can also turn it back on again any time you wish.

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